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What is InfiniTUX ?


InfiniTUX is an embedded Linux distribution designed specifically for system administration. It's based on uClibc and Busybox with extensive use of size optimitation to fit a two floppy disk space and for use with i386 machines with al least 8 MB of RAM.

It is intended to perform various critical tasks, such as:

  • backups, CD/RW operations, USB mass storage transfert, massive ethernet transferts

  • hard drive advanced partitioning, partition ghosting, RAID redundancy

  • HW administration (PCI listing and setting, HD parameters, ...)

  • remote shells, ftp server/client

  • file editing, "chrooting", C code compiling, directory browsing

It allows also "normal" type of usage, like:

  • WWW navigation, E-mail download/upload, games (!!!), WWW server

  • complete micro-man pages included

  • NTP client


Latest News

4 August 2004


* Important bug/difficult ___ In some Windows machines, the "fdformat" program of "DOS_tools.tar.bz2" package doesn't work properly (physical damages to the formatted floppy has been tracked). What can I say ?!?! .......

Welcome to the WINDOWS world !!!

This is probably due to the fact that Windows doesn't make use of BIOS call during format process but wrap around with its own functions.

Solution: make use of Linux "fdformat /dev/fd0u1680 + dd if=disk*.img of=/dev/fd0u1680" as stated in the README file.


28 July 2004  
  • Development of Version 0.2 started. Estimated delivery : October 2004


19 July 2004


  • First version of the Web site


18 July 2004  
  • Here we are !!!  After two months of work, the first release is ready

  • Version 0.1 is now available as beta, so your feedback to the bug-report section will be VERY appreciated at this stage of development


Planned Features
Version 0.2


  • Improvement on the boot process (faster with a smaller initrd)

  • Increasing the diskette size to 1723 kB (diskette 1, bootable) and 1760 kB (diskette 2, tar filesystem)

  • New version of each program with improvement size compiling


Version 0.3  
  • FTP personal server with pre-compiled binaries to enlarge usage possibility via a custom network client


Version 0.4  
  • Micro kernel usage (uClinux)

  • Lighter (but less stable ...) C library adoption


Ask, Please !!!  


Getting InfiniTUX


  • Download the .tar.bz2 package of latest release at project file page

  • Don't forget to check out the MD5 check sum of downloaded package; see the "Notes" file of each release to compare your result


Source code  


Hosting Informations


  • I'm Valiani Massimo, the administrator of InfiniTUX (Perugia, ITALY)

  • Contact me at:

  • Copyright (c) Massimo Valiani 2004



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6 August 2004